Tub Sub (Jul, 1947)

Tub Sub

THE bathtub battle fleet has a colorful new recruit—a plastic “rocket” submarine that performs a series of gliding dives on- pill-power. The manufacturer, Payne Products, Inc., of Midland, Mich., supplies effervescent tablets designed to propel the craft for six or seven minutes. Agitating the water slightly makes the submarine dive oftener.

When the submarine is placed under water to start its voyage, the gas-releasing “fuel” acts as a pump, expelling water and sending the craft to the surface. Then it submerges again, and the cycle is repeated. Balance and glide as the toy rises and sinks provide its forward motion.

  1. Stephen says: July 30, 20115:52 am

    You don’t need special tablets for this: you can do it with Alka-Seltzer or the like.

  2. Neil Russell says: July 31, 201111:12 am

    I had a little grey and blue sub that looked more like the USS Nautilus that was the very first mail-off premium I can remember getting.
    Probably 4 or 5 at the time and the memory of the brown box in the mail is stronger than that of the sub.

    Mainly I remember it didn’t work very well with the supplied tablets, possibly my mom wasn’t the best Rickover-type of nautical engineer

  3. BO BABBYO says: August 7, 201111:07 pm

    Had one! Most of the ones I knew of worked pretty well. One week there were about fifty of them at the local swimming pool, Next week — NONE. This was the epitome of the thing that looked much cooler on TV.

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