Turkey Crossed With Chicken to Get Tasty Meat Fowl (Mar, 1932)

Turkey Crossed With Chicken to Get Tasty Meat Fowl

WHAT would you call the strange fowl in the photo at the right—a turken or a chickey? Either would be correct, for The thing is a cross between a turkey and a chicken.

With a view toward providing a new bird for table use, the Rev. Castor Ordonez, head of the department of biology at De Paul University, Chicago, bred a white Austrian Turkey with a Rhode Island Red hen and the turken—or chickey —was what happened.

The meat of the hybrid fowl is tastier than that of either of its parents and it yields two to three times as much edible flesh as a chicken. Father Ordonez is attempting to perpetuate the species.

  1. bobby j says: October 25, 20118:06 am

    Cross that with a duck and you have a ready made Turducken

  2. Hirudinea says: October 25, 20118:24 am

    Can they cross a chicken and a turkey? (Well they have a picture so I guess they can) but would the hybrid be fertil? I doubt it. Oh well its amazing what a little Berry White in the chicken coop can do.

    @ Bobby j – Turduckens require stuffing and since most birds only have cloacae I doubt theres much stuffing going on.

  3. JMyint says: October 25, 20118:44 am

    Well, Rev. Castor Ordonez was on the faculty of De Paul University. A brief article appeared about this in the Dec. 27, 1931 Lubbock Texas Avalanche Journal. Same picture too. But actually that is a turken or naked neck chicken. They are not a cross between a turkey and a chicken but all chicken bred to tolerate heat better and to have less to pluck.

  4. LightningRose says: October 25, 201110:58 am

    I like the name, “churkey”.

  5. Mike says: October 27, 20111:24 pm

    bobby j, isn’t turducken wrapped in bacon? Better cross the turkey/chicken/duck animal with a pig.

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