TURN Potatoes into CASH! (Jun, 1935)

I Will SHOW YOU HOW TO TURN Potatoes into CASH!
START YOU in a Profitable Potato Chip Business At Home

THE invention of a marvelous new machine throws the big potato-chip market wide open again. Even if your community is being supplied with old fashioned chips, I’ll show you how to step in and grab the market, rake the profits into your own pocket. You simply manufacture and sell to stores at wholesale—let stores sell for you. I furnish complete plant and exact instructions formaking profits the first day.

“GREASELESS” Potato Chips Made by New Machine

Think of it —for the first time— a Potato Chip from which all excess oil has been extracted by my new “wringer”. Look better, taste better, stay fresh longer. No wonder the public is crazy about this new kind of chip. No wonder my operators are having such big success, even with no experience.


The profits in this business are enormous. You can take $11.50 in raw material — run It through the machine and take out enough chips to bring you $35 cash—selling at wholesale. A clear profit for your time of $23.50. And that’s one day’s output for the machine. At this rate it is possible for a man and wife working together to make $135.00 a week. And now the complete plant—with my new machine—can be put into your kitchen or basement for less than the down payment on a cheap car.


Send your name and address today on a postal card. I’llsend you pictures and information free showing exactly how you can start at home and make money the first day. All information is Free, No obligation.
O. K. MILLER, 325 W. Huron St., Dept. 406 Chicago, Illinois

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