Turn your kitchen mixer into a power tool (Mar, 1950)

Is it a mixer? a buffer? a sander? No, it’s TOOLZON and it’s all of the above!

  1. Jo says: October 14, 20075:54 pm

    Uh…that’s my mixer. No, really. I have a 1949 Sunbeam that looks *just* like that. Too bad the TOOLZON is no longer being made; I could’ve used the mixer to buff my car!


  2. Anne says: April 9, 200811:20 am

    Mmmm… Sawdust flavored cake!

  3. marjorie says: May 22, 20085:40 pm

    I have one. Is it worth anything now?

  4. marjorie says: May 22, 20085:41 pm

    I have one. Is it worh anything?

  5. Eliyahu says: May 26, 20088:34 am

    I can see it now… “Sorry dear, but there’s no birthday cake for you. Your daddy is using the mixer to build a book case.”

  6. ligu says: March 27, 20094:23 pm

    Perfect for sanding lead paint.

  7. quadibloc says: February 16, 20133:30 pm

    This sort of device may seem silly to us today, but back then, electrical motors were expensive, and so this allowed households to have tools they could not otherwise afford.

  8. Toronto says: February 16, 20135:33 pm

    The Sunbeam Mixmaster already had a slew of attachments – juicers, grinders, etc. If you look closely, there’s a “power take off” on the top, beside the handle.

    But it weighed a ton! I can’t see it being used as a buffer.

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