Turntable Swings Autos To Pumps In Rotary Gas Station (Apr, 1935)

Turntable Swings Autos To Pumps In Rotary Gas Station

A NEW type of filling station that uses a turntable to whirl automobiles around a center service island was recently opened in New York.

The service island is set in the center of the turntable and consists of an enclosed office with three separate pumping units to dispense gasoline, oil, air, and water. As the auto drives onto the platform, an attendant on the island presses a button which carries the auto into one of the three service positions. When the servicing is completed, the auto is swung out to the street and can be driven off without going into reverse to leave the station.

The turntable, 37 feet in diameter, can be housed in a building 41 feet wide. It will accommodate three automobiles simultaneously and allows a complete service in two minutes.

  1. Myles says: January 31, 200811:37 am

    I don’t get this at all. Why is a turntable more effecient than driving the car? As there are three cars on it at once, what happens when somebody is ready to leave, but the other cars are still pumping gas?

  2. nlpnt says: January 31, 20084:40 pm

    I think you nailed the reason why it didn’t catch on- that and the needless expense and complication, of course.
    I like the “Aerodynamic” Hupmobile, though.

  3. Neil Russell says: January 31, 20087:46 pm

    A lot of old gas station/service stations were indoor affairs, particularly in downtown districts and there wasn’t a lot of room to manuever around.
    The last indoor garage and gas station I remember seeing was in Waynesboro GA, I could see if it had been bigger something like this put in as a gimmick.
    The one here in Statesboro was shut down and built over years ago.
    None of the ones down here ever had a turntable though!!

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