TV Transmitter goes portable (Jun, 1951)

TV Transmitter goes portable
This battery-operated RCA back-pack weighs 53 pounds, including batteries. Antennas for transmitting picture signals and receiving orders from a base station extend from top of pack. Range is about one mile. At rear of camera case is an electronic finder and a microphone for the narrator.

  1. Just Bob says: April 15, 20085:03 am

    I recall seeing these used during Presidential nomination conventions in the 1960s. I have hazy recollections of Dan Rather(?) wearing some sort of get-up like this to broadcast from the floor during the convention.

  2. Rick Auricchio says: April 15, 20089:42 am

    Gee, if they replaced the business suit with spaceman-jumpsuit, then disguised the camera, we’d have the makings of a good sci-fi flick.

  3. jayessell says: April 16, 20084:26 pm

    An early version of Al Franken’s SNL one man war correspondent?

    Al Franken: Dennis, I am here on the Arabian peninsula, panning now with my Sony KB-2000, which is mounted on my extended-cam harness.. and I’m beaming my signal with my 1.3 meter parabolic antenna.. up to a satellite back down to you, at 30-

    (Sorry for miniscule picture)


  4. Harold Hallikainen says: July 18, 20116:16 pm

    The SNL skit was great. Part of the joke was he’d move a bit, then the dish would not be aimed toward the satellie. So, the video would fade to snow. Good ol’ analog. Today the picture would freeze or turn to pixel blocks.


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