TVr VIXEN (Feb, 1970)

The TVR Vixen is a striking fiberglass coupe powered by a Ford (of England) Cortina Four producing 93 hp. Since the car weighs only 1680 lbs. (220 less than the MGB roadster), performance is very good by European standards. For $4045 you get all the sports car exotica: four-wheel independent suspension, disc brakes all around, cross-flow cylinder heads (intake on one side, exhaust on the other), a tubular space frame, 4-speed transmission, mag wheels, and radial tires. The interior is nicely finished with a carpeted luggage compartment under the huge rear window, a vinyl cover over the spare tire so as not to smudge your baggage, and a clever seat belt storage arrangement. If you’re afraid the local hot-rodders will make fun of you, TVR offers the option of a 250-hp Mustang V8. This ups the weight to 1950 lbs., but anything with less than 10 lb/hp is strictly in the racing car category. It’s called the TVR Tuscan, costs $5995, and is a true sub-orbital vehicle. To find the dealer nearest you, write to TVR of America, 572 Merrick Rd., Lynbrook, N. Y. 11563 —Michel Loeb

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