Two Beds Built in the Space of One (Apr, 1939)

Two Beds Built in the Space of One


FOR the summer cottage or cabin, or even a small city apartment, a pair of beds can be constructed so that one slides under the other as shown. The bed in the living room is therefore kept entirely out of sight until required, when it is pulled out like a huge drawer.

The sliding bed is built of 3/4″ material with the corners reenforced by angle brackets, and a panel of 3/8″ plywood is nailed under the slat rails. The heavy slat rails are screwed and glued to the side members. Nonswivel, rubber-tired casters are mounted under the slat rails, and a half-round, hardwood rubbing strip protects the sides. The front end overlaps the opening.

The stationary bed in the adjoining room requires thicker material for the boxlike frame, the corners being mitered. A plywood bottom prevents dust falling to the studio couch below. The upper bed is designed for standard single-bed springs, the lower one for a narrower studio-couch spring mattress.

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  1. Hirudinea says: July 17, 20123:05 pm

    “A COMPACT DESIGN FOR SMALL QUARTERS … even a small city apartment…”

    Wonder if the Landlord will lend me a sawzall to cut the hole in the wall?

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