Two Can Play Big Harmonica (Sep, 1939)

Two Can Play Big Harmonica
THE mouth organ or harmonica, long a favorite instrument for the old fashioned barn dance and country “hoedown,” has grown increasingly popular, thanks to its extensive use by hillbilly bands. Its latest development is a giant harmonica 41 inches long and with a scale range of 320 notes. On it two players can make harmonious duets of “Turkey In De Straw,” “Wreck Of The Old ’97,” and other old time hits. The only disadvantage is that this big fellow is too large to be carried in the pocket.

  1. Stannous says: July 27, 20068:07 pm

    The heck with it. I’m sticking with my 4-person Kazoo.

  2. Byron Ware says: July 18, 200812:42 pm

    They could play this 24hrs a day in wash.

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