Two Ears Now Can Listen at One Telephone (May, 1929)

Two Ears Now Can Listen at One Telephone

A TELEPHONE attachment which permits the user to listen to a long distance call with both ears, and incidentally allows two people to hear from a single receiver at the same time, has been designed especially for noisy offices. The device is a sound-distributing chamber which slips over the end of the standard telephone receiver and sends part of the sound through a rubber tube ending in a metal cup, similar to that on a doctor’s stethoscope, which fits in the opposite ear of the user. Thus the person who is telephoning can listen to the conversation undisturbed by outside noises, and has one hand free to make notes, the maker points out.

When it is important for two people to hear a telephone conversation, one may listen through the standard receiver, the other through the rubber tube. The attachment can be slipped on the receiver or removed in an instant.

  1. Stephen says: December 15, 20117:41 am

    The great man’s secretary looks extremely suspicious!

  2. Hirudinea says: December 15, 20115:30 pm

    @ Stephen – Read the transcript, “So Jethro, whatcha wearing?”

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