Two-for-One Camera (Oct, 1955)

Two-for-One Camera
TELEVISION’S fascinating forward march resulted in another development recently when Du Mont Laboratories, Inc., Clifton, N. J., announced the Electronicam, an amazing new two-for-one camera which enables standard black-and-white TV programs to be broadcast while a high-quality film of the same program is simultaneously recorded in black-and-white or color. The system will adapt to all film types and sizes, including wide screen, and is expected to result in greatly lowered film and production costs.

  1. Alan Levita says: October 10, 20084:43 am

    This is what was used to film the 39 classic episodes of “The Honeymooners”.

  2. Neil Russell says: October 11, 20083:17 pm

    I wish DuMont had developed this a decade earlier, then maybe more of their classic programs would have been preserved rather than lost when they purged the bulk of their kinescopes

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