Two-Headed TV Set Displays Two Different Shows at Once (Mar, 1954)

Sharp reintroduced this idea last year with the Dual View, an LCD that allows two viewers to see different images depending on their viewing angle. Though frankly I think the glasses make this one look much cooler. Even the dog has a pair.

Two-Headed TV Set Displays Two Different Shows at Once

Two people can enjoy different TV programs at the same time with a new set. The experimental Du Mont Duoscopic is actually two receivers in one cabinet, with two chassis, two sets of controls and two viewing tubes mounted at right angles (inset). A semitransparent mirror superimposes the two pictures, but each viewer sees only one show by watching through polarizing spectacles. Earphones handle the sound.

  1. jayessell says: September 6, 20066:13 pm

    At what point does it make more sense to have two TVs?
    Are they sharing the high voltage power supply?

    But then, two seperate images viewable with polarised glasses…3DTV!

    They didn’t know?

  2. huh says: July 14, 20085:17 am

    That’s pretty awesome. But it’d probably be better to just have 2 tv’s, wouldn’t it?

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