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These snappy bikes were displayed by the Antique Motorcycle Club at their recent convention in Fishkill, N. Y.

1911 Triumph with two speeds, belt drive and gas lamp belongs to Triumph Corp. of Baltimore.

Henry Wing, Jr., with his 1928 Douglas TT. a formidable English racer of the period.

George Metzger demonstrates 1917 one-cylinder Cleveland for its owner, T. A. Hodgdon.

T. A. Hodgdon, vice-president of the Club, puts a lucifer to gas headlight on his 1916 Excelsior.

Closeup of twin-cylinder engine. 1918 vintage.

Unrestored 1907 Indian torpedo machine belonging to John Miceli of Darien, Conn.

1924 Nera-Car was a pile of junk; owner L. Risoli restored it in only three weeks.

Eleven-year-old Donald Wing and his 1903 Indian, the oldest motorcycle in the Club.

H. D. Simonds’ 1907 Yale can still do up to 35 mph on its original set of tires.

  1. Dale says: March 23, 20085:59 pm

    Nice pictures of the Triumphs for more information on old motorcycles check out

  2. duaine says: July 3, 20099:04 pm

    Great to see picture of 1917 cleveland. I used to own one. Regretfully, I had to sell it to buy a home in about 1978. still hate having to part with it!

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