Two-Wheel Skate (Feb, 1954)

Two-Wheel Skate
Roller skates with only two wheels provide some of the thrills of ice skating the year ’round. The two large wheels are center-mounted and are made of plastic-rubber. The skate is adjustable in length and has a cushioned ankle strap.

  1. Kruk says: September 11, 200710:47 am

    And the pansy rollerbladers of today need four wheels per skate…

  2. daryel says: April 9, 20088:00 pm

    I need to find a pair of these skates for a cosplay costume. Anyone know where AI could find them?

  3. myself says: January 9, 20097:49 pm

    OMG I NEED THESE TOO!! where can I find them, do they exist? for real? where where hellpp!!

  4. jayessell says: January 9, 20099:52 pm

    Any character we know?
    Classic Dazzler?

  5. myself says: January 10, 20094:17 pm

    probably from air gear =p
    actually me too XD

  6. JMyint says: January 10, 20096:41 pm

    I think that Street Flyers are the only two wheeled skates made today and they really aren’t much of a skate.

  7. Abi says: July 2, 20092:06 pm

    with a bit of creativity and a quick trip to academy, one could easily fashion these out of inline skates parts (axle, spacer, wheel) and a hiking cleat attachment (stabilicer). Or, if you haven’t got the time, just take two wheels off of a TRS model aggressive inline skate. All that requires is a screwdriver.

  8. Joey says: August 10, 20107:38 pm

    I have a pair of two-wheel roller skates. They are from Germany and made back in the 30s I believe. They are stashed away in my closet but I’m interested in finding out about them, their value (if any) and possibly selling them

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