Two-Wheel Stroller (Aug, 1950)

Two-Wheel Stroller
Two small wheels, a tubular-metal frame and a harness-type seat are all it takes to make a baby stroller developed in Germany. It can be taken almost anywhere because it occupies little space. The child sits in the seat and hangs onto the rectangular frame.

  1. Village Idiot says: July 18, 20073:58 pm

    Another one where you have to wonder why it never caught on…

  2. Charlie says: July 18, 20074:01 pm

    I don’t know what you mean. It works fine as long as you never let go. Or if your child has an exceptional sense of balance.

  3. Blurgle says: July 18, 20076:49 pm

    My back is already aching looking at the posture that woman would have to have to push that thing.

  4. Stannous says: July 18, 20078:11 pm

    What wusses!, A REAL German would have had uni-stroller!

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