Two-Wheeled Car Runs on Giant Hoops (Mar, 1938)

Two-Wheeled Car Runs on Giant Hoops

Speeding across open fields or along highways, negotiating ditches, streams, and swamps, a novel vehicle designed by Glenn Bryant of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, runs on two giant rubber-tired wheels as indicated in the drawing above. Suspended on small guide wheels from the mammoth rims, the streamline body of the car has its center of gravity below the wheel axes to insure stability. At low speeds, steering can be accomplished by varying the speed of the individual wheels, while an airplane-type rudder supplements this method at high speeds. A gasoline engine drives the wheels by means of a pinion mechanism.

  1. Kryten007 says: June 9, 200712:08 pm

    That is a GORGEOUS vehicle! I may just have to build a model of it some day…

  2. Stannous says: June 9, 20078:55 pm

    Make it radio controlled and send us a link to YouTube so we can watch!

  3. Daniel says: October 31, 20071:32 pm

    Actually Peugeot has a concept car similar to this:


  4. ken says: April 26, 200910:57 am

    cars of this type have been throughout history designed and prototype conception none have ever made major production mostly because dangers in rollover accidents sudden stops and side impact are fatal GM just unveiled their new concept in two wheeled cars march 2009

  5. Two Wheeled Car | All Wheels Blog says: March 27, 20116:28 am

    […] two wheeled car […]

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