Typewriter Spaces Words To Fill Lines (Jul, 1940)

Typewriter Spaces Words To Fill Lines
Designed especially for use where correspondence or other typed material is to be reproduced, a new typewriter has an attachment which assures neat, perfectly aligned right-hand margins. The typewriter carriage is provided with a numbered metal bar and a sliding pointer. At the end of each line, the operator notes the number above the pointer. In retyping, at the beginning of each line a knob is set to correspond with the number marked for that line on the original. The attachment then automatically word-spaces the copy to make all lines of the same length.

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  1. Mary Robinette Kowal says: September 8, 20064:20 am

    Ooo. I want one. It’s also making me want to look at my Remington to see if it has this nifty attachment.

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