Typewriter Works Automatically (Jul, 1939)

Here we have the birth of the customized form letter.

Typewriter Works Automatically
To speed up routine office correspondence, such as form letters, reminders of overdue accounts, and similar business forms, an automatic typewriter recently placed on the market types prepared paragraphs of text on letterhead stationery, making it necessary for a stenographer only to fill in the salutation, address, and additional dictated material meant for a specific addressee. Electrically operated, the machine has a control dial with which any one of several prepared texts may be selected at will for automatic typing on stationery inserted in the machine.

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  1. Early Office Museum says: January 2, 20096:33 pm

    The automatic typewriter illustrated in this July 1939 issue of Popular Mechanics appears to be an Auto-Typist. For a discussion and illustrations of the Auto-Typist, click on the following link and scroll most of the way down the page.


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