Typewritten Flag (ASCII Art) (Jul, 1948)

What are the curved characters?

Typewritten Flag

Anyone can draw an accurate picture of the American flag on a typewriter, according to Menno Fast, a relief worker in Poland. Fast read a recent Popular Mechanics article on drawing pictures with a typewriter. He submits a drawing of the flag as proof that it can be made on an ordinary typewriter using standard spacing. The flag, with a full 13 stripes and 48 stars, appears to be rippling in the wind.

  1. Anonymous says: July 13, 20065:27 am

    They’re (), and the whole thing is turned on its side after typing.

  2. PreZ says: July 30, 20065:15 pm

    Very cool

  3. evilbob says: July 30, 20067:21 pm

    The curved characters are brackets. The whole picture has been created sideways first, the rotated 90 degrees. You can tell by looking at the slashes.

  4. inthistogether says: March 12, 20077:44 am

    neat neat neat thanx

  5. inthistogether says: March 12, 20077:47 am

    very gd bob u can read lol

  6. Matt says: August 20, 20071:16 pm

    They almost look like quotation marks that
    of course have been flipped to the side. I
    also almost wonder if this may be a artists
    rendition or enlargement for reproduction
    purposes in the magazine.

  7. EVEonline says: September 28, 20086:12 am

    errm there are 50 stars on the American Flag

  8. Don says: September 28, 20088:49 am

    errm there were 48 stars on the American Flag in 1948

  9. JMyint says: September 28, 20081:16 pm

    The 49th star was officially added July 4, 1959 and the 50th star was officially added July 4, 1960. Though the design of the current 50 star flag was adopted by presidential proclaimation after Alaska was admitted to the Union.

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