Ultra-Sophisticated Bombing Simulator (Oct, 1940)

Tricycle” Trains Army Bombers

Perched on an odd three-wheeled framework of metal tubing, a U. S. Army pilot and his bombardier are pictured above at Riverside, Calif., getting in some ground bombing practice with an electrical machine said to simulate actual bombing conditions. A falling plumb bob plays the role of a bomb. Note that the bomb sight, a closely-guarded Air Corps secret since it is reputed to be the most accurate in the world, is covered with a hood to hide it from the prying eye of the camera.

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  1. Airminded · The bombing teacher says: February 28, 20073:20 am

    […] also: this American bombing teacher from 1940, with that wondrous war-winning Norden bombsight fortunately shrouded from public view. […]

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