Umbrella-Vender for Showers (Jun, 1931)

Umbrella-Vender for Showers

WHAT to do when caught in a shower without an umbrella—that is one of the world’s greatest problems that has just been solved by the recent invention of an automatic umbrella vending machine which delivers an umbrella by the insertion of a coin in a slot. Devised by a noted German inventor, Herr Kreuger, the machine is placed on street corners, where it will be easily accessible in case of a sudden shower and drops an umbrella in a slot when the lever on the side is pulled down.

While the umbrella delivered by the machine is not particularly elegant, yet it sheds rain satisfactorily in an emergency and that is the chief purpose of the scheme.

  1. galessa says: January 26, 20104:20 pm

    It’s nice how one of the world’s greatest problems was solved that easy! Now let’s fix hunger!

  2. Firebrand38 says: January 26, 20105:11 pm

    galessa: Sure, eat something. Hunger fixed!

  3. Don says: January 26, 201010:31 pm

    I’m sure glad that umbrella vending machines are more elegant now-a-days!

  4. docca says: January 30, 20106:48 pm

    That generic-sounding-german-inventor-name-along-with-generic-photo sounds a lot like it was invented to fill up some page space…

  5. Firebrand38 says: January 30, 20107:02 pm
  6. docca says: January 30, 20109:31 pm

    I see. This photo here shows the machine with the factory’s name on it (Not-Schurm GMBH), “Oiled-paper umbrellas”.

  7. Firebrand38 says: January 30, 201011:16 pm

    docca: Funny, I thought that I had posted the same link?

  8. docca says: January 31, 20108:53 am

    Firebrand38: Yes you did, I’m just pointing out the company name.

  9. Firebrand38 says: January 31, 20109:02 am

    docca: Fair enough…carry on.

    Notice that the machines in the other two articles don’t seem to bear any resemblance to the first photo. The umbrella however, is the same throughout.

    And I agree with you, what’s up with that “Herr Kreuger” bit?

  10. K!P says: February 8, 20101:14 pm

    You realize that Not Schirm translates to English from German as emergency screen?

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