Uncanny Invention Startles Motorists (Mar, 1931)

If you just looked at the picture, you’d think this was a very early version of the Viper alarm system (immortalized by They Might Be Giants in the song “I can hear you“). Alas, it appears to simply be a disabler.

Uncanny Invention Startles Motorists

Protects Your Car From Thieves, Puzzles lour Friends!

Here is something incredibly new and revolutionary. More mysterious than anything since the first discoveries of radio! As uncanny as electricity itself! Actually more useful and valuable than the self-starter on your car! As easily controlled as your headlights! Inexpensive! No wonder it has turned the motor world topsy-turvy overnight!

Pays Agent Record Earnings Of $138 In A Day!

IMAGINE having a car that 110 sneak thief can tamper with ! No joy-rider can steal! No friend can touch without being warned to keep away! Then think of offering this uncanny electrical device to other motorists at a price scarcely greater than the cost of a new radio tube!

In the above few words you have the reason why G. Oliver of Illinois set a profit record of $138 in a single day. James Harper of London, England, cables, “Devil-Dogs received, ship immediately three hundred, cable best terms for sales concession, Great Britain.” A. Karratti of Hawaii writes, “Have equipped my car with Devil-Dog and am creating a sensation.” Ernest Flom, No. Dakota, states, “The Police force praise it highly.” Richard Tacques, Canada, writes, “Have sold one for Police armored car and am getting letters from Chief of Police and Detective Departments.” What these men say is just an indication of what motorists everywhere are saying. No wonder our agents are making money hand over fist, both spare time and full time.

Send Quick For 5-Day Test

This astounding invention fits any car from a Ford to a Rolls-Royce without adjustment or fuss- ing. It can be installed by anyone in ten minutes or less. There is no cost for operation. No extra batteries to buy. An introductory offer now lets you examine the most spectacular invention since the radio first came in, on 5-day test. Profit possibilities as our agent are almost unlimited. Mail the coupon for 5-day offer and complete territory details. No obligation whatever, but do it now!

A Mere Handful.

Note above the tiny size of this invention. The Switch, Wire and Sealed Tube containing the “Activator” is all there is to it. Costs little more than a new radio tube. Test it. Mail the coupon.

Automatic DEVIL DOG NORTHWEST ELECTRIC CORP. Dept. C-550, Pukwana, S. Dakota

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  1. Toronto says: December 24, 20106:32 pm

    According to this link:
    it’s a alarm, Charlie. Or more precisely, a motion detector switch that honks the car’s horn, just like those annoying and useless products today that go off every time the wind kicks up.

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