Uncle Sam sure did help – make tobacco better than ever (Apr, 1940)

“Uncle Sam sure did help – make tobacco better than ever

… and Luckies always buy the finer grades,” says H. H. Scott, 12 years an independent buyer

IN A NUTSHELL, here’s why we ask: “Have you tried a Lucky lately?”

1. With the scientific help of Uncle Sam, farmers have grown the finest tobacco in recent years.

2. Among independent tobacco experts, Luckies are the 2 to 1 favorite. Experts like H. H. Scott point out that Luckies have bought the choicer grades of these better-than-ever tobaccos. So Luckies are better than ever!

3. These finer tobaccos have been aged from 2 to 4 years, and have been further mellowed by the “Toasting” process, which takes out certain throat irritants found in all tobacco.

Try Luckies for a week, and see why … WITH MEN WHO KNOW TOBACCO BEST – IT’S LUCKIES 2 TO 1

Have you tried a Lucky lately?

  1. Charlene says: June 7, 201212:54 pm

    Actual (heavily airbrushed) color photographs!

  2. Hirudinea says: June 7, 20122:56 pm

    You can tell from this ad that the U.S. is a nation without national health care.

  3. Stephen Edwards says: June 7, 20127:09 pm

    I don’t know about heavily airbrushed, but surely hand-tinted.

    And it’s a shame that such good typography is being used for such evil.

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