Undersea Classroom Reveals Ocean Secrets (Jul, 1934)

Undersea Classroom Reveals Ocean Secrets

DOWN among the coral reefs off the Florida coast lies the world’s strangest college laboratory—the under sea classroom of the marine zoology department of the University of Miami.

Clad in bathing suits, the class sails to the laboratory site, dons diving helmets and sinks into the sea, as assistants on the boat above send fresh supplies of oxygen pulsing through the air tubes.

Fifty feet below the surface the actual class work begins, once the students have become acclimated to their shadowy surroundings. Strange fish swim into their range of vision. Curious marine growths cling to the jagged coral. The tropic waters teem with mollusks, star fish, sea fans, breathing sponges, and trigger fish—an endless variety of marine life.

As these under sea wonders are revealed to the students’ eyes, the instructor comments upon the life about them, writing on a zinc tablet with a yellow wax crayon. Similarly equipped, each student takes notes as the lecture progresses, later transcribing the laboratory notes into a permanent record.

The under sea work is not an experimental fancy, but a regular part of the university’s zoology course.

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