Undo. Windows. Mouse. Finally. (Jul, 1984)

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Undo. Windows. Mouse. Finally.

New Microsoft Word. It makes your IBM Personal Computer think its better than a $10,000 word processor With Microsoft Word, what you see on the screen is what you get on the paper So its easy to spot mistakes. Boldface, underline, and italics look like this, not this: ^Bboldface^B, ^Sunderline^S, ^Italics^I And, when you make changes, paragraphs are automatically reformatted. Flush right, flush left, centered or justified. It even gives you several columns on a page, like a newspaper.

Word forgives and doesn’t forget.

There’s an “uh-oh” command called Undo. Make a mistake? Or just want to experiment? Hit Undo.

Word undoes your last change and remembers things the way they were.

Word does windows. Up to eight, to be exact. So you can transfer or edit between eight different documents. Or between eight different pieces of the same document

Word travels fast.

Word has a Mouse, a handy little critter that lets you move copy, select commands and edit faster than you can say “cheese.”

Word also lets you create your own style sheets, so “you can standardize your documents, memos, files and letters.

It’s not surprising that Microsoft has a way with Word. We designed the MS™ DOS operating system that tells the IBM® PC how to think. And we pioneered the first microcomputer BASIC, the language spoken by nine out of ten micros worldwide.

For a few final words, call 1-800426-9400 (in Washington State call 206-828-8088) for a free Word brochure and the name of your nearest Microsoft dealer.

The High Performance Software

  1. Charlene says: November 9, 20119:20 am

    At least this mouse isn’t equipped with rabbit ears, like the one on the cover.

  2. Christian Berger says: November 9, 201110:48 am

    I still don’t understand what that software is supposed to do. I mean even back then there was runoff and troff. Even Tex was available for people who wanted to typeset.

    The idea of a text-editor with built in printer control codes seems totally awkward to me.

  3. Kosher Ham says: November 9, 20111:38 pm

    DOS — Difficult Operating System

  4. Hirudinea says: November 9, 20113:58 pm

    Microsoft Word, another gift from the beast. 🙂

  5. Rick Auricchio says: November 10, 20117:53 pm

    I think the headline on the first page, “Undo. Windows.” says it all!

  6. Buddy says: November 11, 20118:01 am

    @Christian Berger – There is an argument for having the control codes visible, you don’t have to worry about empty bold-unbold pairs messing up the formatting. Many times, I’ve taken a horribly formatted document with a mix of custom, in-line and existing styles, pasted into Notepad and copied back out to remove all the formatting.

  7. chuk says: November 29, 20112:11 pm

    Really great. Undo! What an idea.

    I think MS Word 1.0 was the first commercial software with undo. Borrowed from PARC, and before that from Teitelman’s BBN Lisp. Thanks for the lovely scan. I found this ad in Info World Jan 9-16 1984.

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