Unique “Cat” Footstool (May, 1938)

Unique “Cat” Footstool

A project you can complete in one evening


HERE is another novelty article which will be appreciated by the home craftsmen who like to work with such projects; it is simple enough in construction to be classed as a “one-evening” job. The two high – backed black cats support between them a round-topped foot rest, which is covered with cloth upholstering.

The cats are made of plywood, preferably heavy three or five ply material. One piece of 14″ x 28″ will be enough for both “cats,” which can be sketched out on the surface in the same proportions to those shown in the accompanying squared diagram. Cut out the pieces with a scroll, coping, or jig-saw, and sandpaper the edges to remove the roughness left by the saw.

The slats, which form the top, are five in number, 2″ wide, 12″ long, and of thin material. They are supported at each end by a piece of thicker stuff, cut as shown in the second drawing, which is securely fastened to the “cat” with small nails, driven in from the outside.

Decoration of the finished article may be left to one’s taste, using, of course, enamel as a decorative medium. The article shown in the photos was decorated in black, with white outlines.

  1. Hirudinea says: April 24, 20125:06 pm

    I just put my feet on my cat.

  2. Stephen says: April 25, 20127:22 am

    Any live cat worthy of the name would pinch your footstool to sit on itself.

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