At first glance, you’d think only United jets land at our new Los Angeles jet terminal.

Not so. Helicopters land there, too. In fact, you can step from a United jet, walk a few steps, and board a convenient helicopter to Disneyland or 17 other points. The area at right (near the red truck) is the only airport boarding area for Los Angeles Airways helicopters. What could be more convenient?

Also for your convenience in planning a trip here, keep in mind that United offers more jet service to Los Angeles, from more U. S. cities, than any other airline. For instance, five nonstops from New York, seven from Chicago.

Most important, you’ll appreciate the genuine concern we have for you as an individual. Extra care—for people—is the best basis we know for running, or choosing, an airline.

Make your reservations today for jet, helicopter or convenient rental car. Just call United or your Travel Agent.


  1. katey says: July 1, 20085:37 am

    Damn shame they couldn’t actually get a photo with a helicopter in it for the ad…

  2. Neil Russell says: July 1, 20089:11 am

    You can see this in action in the movie “Guide for the Married Man” from 1967. In the vignette with Carl Reiner you see him go from a United Jet on a United golf cart to a United helicopter.
    Although the departure is from LAX, so the helicopter bit is supposed to be on the east coast.

    Still funny to see such service 40 years ago, now you are lucky to get a cookie.

  3. Blurgle says: July 1, 200812:02 pm

    The airline industry has changed so much in the past 40 years that I don’t even know if you can compare the two. There were fewer flights (I remember in the 70s having to book weeks in advance to ensure I could even get a ticket) going to fewer cities with, if you can believe it, even worse connections. And if I’m not mistaken tickets were much more expensive as compared to the actual value of money. In Canada the difference is even starker – it costs about 10% less to fly round-trip from Calgary to Toronto today than it did in 1978, including all surcharges.

    Remember when one-way fares were so prohibitively expensive that it was 70% cheaper to buy a round-trip flight and ditch the return ticket?

  4. Tracy B. says: July 1, 200812:31 pm

    In those days you took an underground tunnel between the gates and the check-in area at LAX. I believe the tunnels still exist today, but have been abandoned in order to increase the capacity of the airport. Also notice two passenger loading bridges per ‘plane.

  5. Neil Russell says: July 1, 20081:13 pm

    Blurgle: It’s amazing what memories a discussion like this will bring up! I remember my dad doing just what you described by getting a round trip ticket from Indianapolis to Atlanta back in about 1964 on Eastern Airlines.
    I also remember the rare treat it was to get to fly from Atlanta to Indianapolis when I was about 12 in 1973 and I clearly recall the little turkey on pumpernickel sandwich I got on that flight! The plane stopped in Memphis and we waited while they rolled out one of those stairs to let folks get on and off.
    I had forgotten all about it but at the moment it’s as vivid as yesterday!
    I also remember we dressed nicely because we were going to the airport and flying, certainly not a day for jeans and a pullover shirt!! 🙂

  6. nlpnt says: July 1, 20086:32 pm

    Helicopter to Disneyland? But isn’t the LA freeway an E-ticket ride in itself? I’d rather go in this;


  7. Rick Auricchio says: July 1, 20087:38 pm

    Neil, the flight attendants probably recall “the little turkey”…it was you! 🙂

    San Jose International used stairs for boarding at one terminal till the early 80s.

    And I wouldn’t want a helicopter to Disneyland…what about all those autogiros!

  8. Al Bear says: July 2, 20087:11 am

    I love the 2 jetways! now adays they herd you like cattle on only the front door, and when the plane lands and is parking everyone is standing up already eagerly wanting to get the hell out of there, well, me too I confess 😛

    Also, like many say, flying used to be a classy affair, now it’s just a Greyhound bus with wings. This TV Commercial from Alaska airlines saw the future in 1987! we’ll see when this really happens :


    nlpnt please tell me that United isn’t that cash strapped and is still using a *ACK* Ford Maverick from 1975!!

  9. Neil Russell says: July 2, 20088:39 am

    Rick: You mean I shouldn’t have kept demanding more peanuts?? 😉

  10. A. Coward says: July 19, 20089:24 pm

    44 people died when two of those flights crashed in 1968. Metal fatigue caused rotor failures for both and there were no survivors. Next time, take the train.

  11. Braniff says: November 18, 20107:12 pm

    I have to wonder, why didn’t anyone bring the “EXTRA CARE AIRLINE” slogan to light right after the embarassing incident involving the Youtube video about the United employees breaking guitars? It could have served as a lesson to everyone involved at United–more so than such slogans as “Friendly skies”, “It’s time to fly” or “Rising”.

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