Univac at General Electric (Appliance Park) (Aug, 1956)

Univac at General Electric (Appliance Park)

Offering the unique advantage of electronic speed coupled with unrivalled accuracy, it’s no wonder that the General Electric Company installed the Remington Rand Univac at their modern Appliance Park, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Univac makes possible new insight into all phases of G-E’s major appliance operations. Management decisions can be made with a degree of precision never before obtainable. And G-E also uses Univac to process—automatically—payroll accounting, material control, budget analysis, and sales statistical analysis.

Leading companies throughout the country have learned that Univac has become synonymous with enlightened management. And Univac savings more than justify its use for electronic control of management problems. Find out how typical users have put Univac to work in virtually all types of commercial data-processing. We’ll be happy to send EL135—an informative, 24-page, 4-color book on the Univac System — to business executives requesting it on their company letterhead.

Send your requests to Remington Rand, Room 1853, 315 Fourth Avenue, New York 10, New York.


Makers of: Univac I * Univac II * Univac Scientific * Univac File-Computer * Univac 60 * Univac 120 * Univac High-Speed Printer

  1. Tim Hare says: October 21, 20113:38 pm

    Is there a printable 8.5 x 11 PDF of this somewhere? It would be awesome to hang on a co-workers cubicle, since he works on Unisys machines now.

  2. Joe says: October 22, 20111:56 pm

    Hey Tim, How’s this?

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