UNRULY HAIR Stays Neatly Combed (May, 1938)

This shows how much hair styles have changed in the last 60 odd years. The “unruly hair” looks just like a modern haircut whereas the Glostora saturated model looks like he should be the evil rival in a Harry Potter movie.

UNRULY HAIR Stays Neatly Combed
Even Stubborn Hair Will Stay In Place
Costs But A Few Cents To Use — a bottle lasts for months

IS YOUR HAIR difficult to keep in place? Does it lack natural gloss and lustre? It is very easy to give it that rich, glossy and orderly appearance so essential to well-groomed boys.

Just rub a little Glostora through your hair once or twice a week — or after shampooing, and your hair will then stay, each day, just as you comb it.
Glostora gives hair that natural, rich, well-groomed effect, instead of leaving it stiff and artificial looking as waxy pastes and creams do.

Try it! A large bottle of Glostora costs but a trifle at any drug store.


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  1. nlpnt says: February 17, 20086:36 pm

    The top pic looks a little dated- he’d have been the height of style in 1996 or so.
    The kid on the bottom looks like he could grease a frying pan just by wearing it as a hat for half a second.

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