The Mysterious Influence In The Air You Breathe!

The SOUL OF THE UNIVERSE is in the air you breathe. Deposited in your blood—with each inhalation you take—is the intelligence that directs the course of the planets through the misty reaches of space, and the strange phenomenon of life itself.

What is it that causes your heart to beat, your lungs to expand and contract? What mind directs the cells of your being, each in their purpose—some to create bone, others tissue and hair? What consciousness pervades these vibratory globules of life and gives them awareness of their Cosmic function?

Are you one of the millions who have looked beyond yourself for some external Divine Power or agency? Have you searched in vain for some outer sign or word of Divine assurance when in doubt or in need? Now learn of the unsuspected bower that exists in every simple breath — and that becomes part of you. The ancient Egyptians believed that the essence of life was borne on the wings of the air. The Bible pro- claims that with the first breath man becomes not just an animated being— but a “Hiving soul.” Try this experiment, and prove a Vital Life Force exists in the air. When you are in pain or despondent take a deep breath. Hold it as long as comfortable—then notice the momentary relief.

This Amazing Free Book

Would you seriously like to know how to draw upon this Intelligence of the Cosmic, with which the air is permeated? You can use it to awaken the creative powers of your mind, and for making life an experience of achievement. Use the coupon below for a free copy of the book, “The Mastery of Life.” It tells how in the privacy of your home you may learn to use these simple, useful, natural laws.


Scribe Q.C.F. The Rosicrucians (AMORC) Rosicrucian Park, San Jose, California I am sincerely interested in learning how to use the mysterious influences of the universe in the betterment of my life. Please send me a free copy of the book, “The Mastery of Life.”


  1. Stephen Edwards says: January 15, 20133:28 pm

    “Rosicrucians are NOT a religious organization”? Why in the world not? Are they afraid of the tax break? And if they aren’t, what the heck are they?

  2. Hirudinea says: January 16, 20136:54 am

    @ Stephen Edwards – They’re mail order Masons.

  3. JMyint says: January 16, 201310:56 am

    If I remember correctly the Rosicrucian Order AMORC applied for and did receive recognition as a religious institution and therefore a tax exemption.

  4. quadibloc says: January 20, 20137:17 pm

    It isn’t that they’re afraid of a tax break. They don’t want the majority of Americans, who are already Christians, to be afraid of them.

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