Up-and-Down Wiper Clears Entire Windshield (Feb, 1960)

I’m sure the big metal bar laying right in your field of view wouldn’t be annoying at all…

Up-and-Down Wiper Clears Entire Windshield

BLIND spots caused by snow or rain accumulating on the windshield are ended by this up-and-down wiper that extends the full width of the glass.

The wiper is operated by a threaded spindle—much like the lever wind mechanism on a fisherman’s casting reel—and pulls the snow or water down into a trough below the hood level.

You might be seeing this new invention, which received U. S. Patent No. 2, 880,444, on some German cars in the future. Its inventors, Bela Barenyi, of Stuttgart-Rohr, and Karl Wilfert, of Stuttgart-Degerloch, assigned it to Daimler-Benz,

A. G., of Stuttgart-Unterturkheim, Germany.

  1. vse says: February 9, 201211:52 am

    Well that shows that even great minds have sometimes strange ideas!
    Béla Barényi almost singlehandedly invented the concept of passive safety in automobiles.
    Non-deformable passenger cabin, crumple zones, collapsable steering column: All his inventions. Some 2000 patents alltogether. Including one for a strange windscreenwiper.

  2. DrewE says: February 9, 201212:45 pm

    But at least its bifurcated!

    I find it hard to believe the leadscrew wouldn’t quickly get stuffed with crud and jam, particularly in freezing weather. Keeping it reasonably lubricated would also be tricky. A cable drive arrangement would seem to me to be superior to this, but not to the usual pivoting wipers.

  3. Kosher Ham says: February 9, 20123:36 pm

    What was adopted on some cars, but particularly trucks and buses, were wipers mounted on an articulated mount. I wonder who invented that.

  4. Patentes Patéticas (nº. 44) | hypercubic says: February 12, 20121:30 pm

    […] A inovação registrada na patente nº. 2.880.444, emitida em 7 de abril de 1959, parecia tão boa que havia sido adotada pela Daimler-Benz, proprietária da Mercedes (os dois engenheiros trabalhavam na montadora alemã). Por isso mesmo, houve algum entusiasmo na imprensa da época. A edição de fevereiro de 1960 da Science and Mechanics — de onde excepcionalmente tiramos as ilustrações do invento, já que as quatro figuras da patente eram supersimplificadas — apresentava o “Limpador Para-cima e Para-baixo [que] Limpa o Para-brisa Inteiro”. […]

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