U.S. Steel & Univac (Nov, 1956)

U.S. Steel & Univac

United States Steel Corporation is another of the great American industries that have had the vision to realize the full benefits of Univac data-processing. For Univac, today, is providing U. S. Steel with the electronic management controls and procedures which are to revolutionize the business world of tomorrow.

The Remington Rand Univac, with its cost-cutting speed, gives management the facts it needs when it needs them. And, with Univac’s
unique accuracy, management knows those facts are right!

Find out how U. S. Steel and other typical users have put Univac to work on virtually all types of commercial data-processing. We’ll be happy to send EL 135—an informative, 24-page, 4-color book on the Univac System—to business executives requesting it on their company letterhead. Send your requests to Room 2113, 315 Fourth Avenue, New York 10, New York.

Remington Rand Univac
Makers of: Univac 1 • Univac II • Univac Scientific • Univac File-Computer • Univac 60 • Univac 120 • Univac High-Speed Printer

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