Uses Record in Rehearsing Part (Apr, 1934)

Uses Record in Rehearsing Part

PAUL MUNI, movie star, learns just how his voice will sound in “talkies” while he is memorizing his lines.

He reads his lines into a dictaphone and then plays the record over and over, hearing his own voice and thus correcting errors that creep into his speech.

The constant repetition also helps him to memorize his part while he sits comfortably in the library of his Hollywood home.

There are various ways of learning and memorizing lines, but Muni’s method also permits corrections in speech, a matter of vital concern to every performer.

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  1. Marshall says: February 3, 20082:30 pm

    I’ve got one of those machines, thier called Dictaphones. They record your voice on a wax cylinder record and it can be played back by a secratary to type out a letter. I don’t know what use it would be to him, it horribly distorts your voice and makes it sound terrible, good for taking notes from, but not to see how you’ll sound on the big screen.

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