Vacuum Cleaner Purifies Air (Dec, 1938)

Wouldn’t this be a bit loud?

Vacuum Cleaner Purifies Air
Small enough to rest on a bedside table, a vacuum cleaner now on the market has a special attachment that makes it useful for purifying the air in a sick room. Employing turbine-type blades instead of the conventional revolving fan to create suction, the unit draws room air in through a nozzle and passes it through a “germ trap” said to remove any dust and other impurities it may contain.

  1. Sonatta says: April 10, 20085:53 pm

    good grief! on the bedside table? and the noise? little wonder she looks like that…

  2. Mark says: April 12, 20089:12 am

    Yeah I can’t sleep even with the modern “quiet” types. I can’t imagine trying to sleep with a Hoover running beside my pillow!

  3. Irobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner says: May 8, 20083:35 pm

    It’s pretty interesting to see the progress we made in terms of the quality in vacuum cleaners. Just remember this was the same time that doctors were purporting that cigarettes were good for you!

  4. Nazifa says: August 19, 20083:48 am

    Omg! the noise would B terrible! wouldn’t it kinda gyv u a headach instead of curing you? I feel sorree 4 those people wiv dat typ of Techno!

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