Vaporizer Works in Water Glass (Dec, 1938)

Vaporizer Works in Water Glass

Hung from the edge of a glass partly filled with water, an electric vaporizing unit now available produces a medicated steam for inhalation by those suffering from respiratory ailments. The unit can be plugged into any alternating-current outlet.

  1. StanFlouride says: September 7, 20084:50 am

    When I was a young child (early 1950s) I suffered from infantile asthma and I had one of these in a jar next to my bed every night. It was infused with Vicks (or some other eucalyptus infused mixture) and the steam ate the finish off of all my furniture.

  2. fluffy says: September 7, 200810:16 am

    Huh, I wonder if you can still get those. A full-sized humidifier can be pretty unwieldy.

  3. Bobby Yates says: September 7, 20082:13 pm

    I wonder why that specific AC?

  4. Al Bear says: September 7, 20082:17 pm

    If you touch the water by accident it’ll shock you with 120V and 7 AMPS of AC goodness! (A lawyer’s wet dream in good ol’ 2008)

  5. rsterling78 says: September 7, 20086:53 pm

    Uh, lady, don’t you think you’re holding that a bit too close to your face?

  6. docca says: October 4, 200811:04 am

    It’s like those portable water heaters, the ones that are just a heater coil encased in aluminum with an AC plug tacked to it. Most of the really cheap ones will even have exposed contacts on top as a bonus if you wiggle the wire a bit…

    A single water splash on top and you’re off to heaven.

  7. Venture says: January 12, 20098:26 pm

    I prefer vaporizers like the iinhale or the volcano…
    Have fun!

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