Vej-Meat – A Vegetable Meat (Mar, 1922)

I wonder what this tasted like…


At Last! a delicious and a perfect substitute for meat that fills the bill in every respect. Made from sun-kissed nuts, cereals and vegetable products, it looks and tastes just like meat. 50% more nutritious than meat nourishing, wholesome and appetizing. Endorsed by Doctors and Dietitians as a perfect food. Send 60c for a one pound can or $5.40 for a dozen delivered. If not thoroughly satisfactory your money will be refunded. Four flavors—Plain, Chili, Chicken and Bologna. 1 lb. can sufficient for 8 portions.

VEJ-MEAT CO., Box PC, 227 N. Manassas St., Memphis, Tenn.

  1. fluffy says: May 24, 20079:46 am

    > I wonder what this tasted like…

    Meat, of course. Why would an ad from 1922 lie?

  2. Charlie says: May 24, 200710:01 am

    Of course, how silly of me. I wonder if it cures Catarrh like everything else in the 20’s did. I love the word catarrh it looks like it needs another vowel. Either that or it w was invented by a pirate.

  3. Stannous says: May 24, 20078:43 pm

    On the one hand it says ‘delicious’ but then it says “1lb can sufficient for 8 portions”…

    “Gee hon’ that was really great but those two ounces are REALLY filling, I couldn’t eat another mouthful, really…”

  4. Blurgle says: May 24, 200710:11 pm

    60 cents a pound? That’s over ten times the price of ground beef in 1922.

    Heck, today ground beef is only 79 cents a pound (Canadian, at that) where I shop.

  5. Githyanki says: May 25, 20073:57 am

    If the current meat replacement stuff used by vegetarians is any indication, it did not taste good at all.

  6. Charlie says: May 25, 200711:08 am

    Stannous: Maybe you had to add water?

  7. Anne says: April 8, 200810:31 pm

    Chicken and bologna, I can understand. Maybe even chili. But, really, what flavor is ‘plain’? That’s too scary to contemplate.

  8. Tim says: March 25, 20094:17 am

    LOL! Does this remind anybody else of “I Love Lucy’s” “Vegameatavitamin?”

  9. nlpnt says: March 25, 200910:08 am

    “It’s my favorite flavor! Plain!”
    –Ned Flanders

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