Velocity of Light is Not Uniform (Nov, 1934)

The idea of a variable speed of light has been around for a while and is still an active area of research. However, I’ve always heard about it in regards to time frames measured in billions of years. I’m thinking that if the speed of light changed appreciably between 1911 and 1931 we might have noticed.

Velocity of Light is Not Uniform

MANY experiments to determine the speed of light have been made from time to time, but the results are not uniform. Yet scientists have said that this is the one uniform thing in the universe. Dr. M. E. J. G. de Bray has concluded that the variations are real, and that the speed of light does vary over a long period; having been at a minimum in 1911, and a maximum in 1931. This may reassure those who were alarmed by Soddy’s suggestion that light might cease to travel at all.

  1. k.k says: November 19, 20078:14 am

    return to innocence

  2. raghavendra says: February 1, 20101:07 am

    the velocity of light is a function of the medium in which it is traveling so the veriation in velocicity of light in not exactly constant but it may vary very little in some medium so that it is assumed to be constant………..

  3. jayessell says: February 2, 201012:37 pm

    “vary very”.

    Too bad the 1911 and 1931 values aren’t listed.
    Was the difference less than 0.1 %?
    Any difference was probably due to measurement errors.

  4. veena says: February 24, 20105:04 am

    please inform the matter clearly first say the defnation of velocvity and give example on wat basis it is not uniform.

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