Venetian Blinds of Steel (Oct, 1937)

Venetian Blinds of Steel

Bullet-proof steel protection for bank tellers, developed along the principle of Venetian blinds is the invention of J. A. Boivin, Quebec, Canada.

The blinds resemble ordinary types, but pressing a button on the floor instantly encloses the lucky teller in 93 square feet of invulnerable steel, 3/16″ thick.

These photographs were taken in the Caisse D’Economie in Quebec, and show how the “bandit” is foiled. No mention was made of what would happen if the pistol were jammed between the strips,

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  1. Dave1000 says: March 26, 201311:11 am

    Hmm… those strips look about four foot long, and only a couple of inches wide. My guess is that if you push against them, it wouldn’t take that much force to bend them apart enough to poke a gun barrel through.

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