Versatile vehicle (Nov, 1981)

I believe that is a prototype Humvee. According to the Wikipedia page, one of the competing vehicles was designed by Lamborghini(video).

Versatile vehicle

High ground clearance mates with a low silhouette in AM General’s new cross-country vehicle. Designed for a U.S. Army competition, the 1-1/4-ton prototype could serve as an anti-tank missile carrier, a fire-control vehicle, or even an ambulance, says the company.

  1. Toronto says: July 31, 20127:19 pm

    Charlie: Lamborghini did start out as a tractor company, however. Seems to be German now. (Perhaps somewhere in Italy they sell Porsche lawnmowers.)…

  2. hwertz says: August 2, 20125:10 pm

    Tom Bladow wrote, “It was my understanding that there were nine test vehicles made for this program — three from AM General, three from Teledyne, and three from Chrysler Defense. “…

    It seems the Chrysler HMMV prototype was knocked out of contention because the transmission overheated during the Baker Grade Test (this is simply driving a test vehicle along hot, long grade into Baker, California.)

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