VESPA (Nov, 1959)


Tom McCahill, famous Automobile Test Driver says: “Here is real fun … this car has a fantastic ride”

When Tom McCahill test drove the 1960 Vespa “400”, he stated that he experienced a thrill unknown in driving for a good many years… that it steered with the alertness of a Grand Prix car.

You, too, will be amazed by the performance of this sleek, rear-engine beauty with advanced engineering design. Vespa has the most economical air cooled engine which squeezes 60 miles out of every gallon of gas . . . goes up to 60 miles per hour.

Heater, defroster and electric windshield wipers all come as standard equipment.

Suggested retail price, only $1,080. P.O.E., New York.

Find out today why the quality of Vespa is unsurpassed in the automotive field. Your local dealer will be happy to arrange for a free demonstration.

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  1. Kruk says: February 10, 200911:36 pm

    It used to be an “800” until they washed it in hot water by mistake…

  2. Mike says: February 11, 20099:14 am

    Don’t laugh, soon everyone will be forced into driving something like that… it will cost 15 times that… before the taxes.

  3. Torgo says: February 11, 20098:49 pm

    It’s certainly more attractive than a Smart Car.

  4. Toronto says: February 11, 200911:31 pm

    A number of years ago, I drove my 990cc-engined Suzuki Forza to a mini-car meet and saw one of these. It wasn’t the smallest car there, but I was in the largest!

    Note the ‘suicide’ doors.

  5. nlpnt says: February 12, 200910:12 pm

    Made in France; apparently Piaggio couldn’t build cars in Italy because of Fiat’s interference.

  6. Marc says: February 16, 20095:14 am

    People. Our father wanted big big cars to show they were men of wealth. Having a small car was a sign of poverty. But most of the time they were driving it alone. What a waste. Look now the planet is at stake and running out of oil. It is time to tell them they were selfish and greedy (and so were the companies). And there is no shame in driving small cars. Plus small cars equal small accidents (and what about the road rage in a small car hu ?).

  7. Marc says: February 16, 20095:15 am

    Maybe the solution of the crisis is here with the Vespa…

  8. nlpnt says: February 18, 200910:35 pm

    I don’t buy any of this “regulations will make us drive tiny little cars” nonsense.
    My so-called subcompact Toyota Yaris weighs 2300 lbs, which is as much as a midsize Chrysler K-car from the ’80s and more than 500 lbs more than my ’92 Geo Metro did, so experience proves the opposite is true.

  9. JMyint says: February 19, 200912:39 am

    Ya know whenever the price of gas goes up I hear people complaining that Detroit didn’t mke them economy cars. Well cars that get better milage than modern hybrids were built in the US, Europe, and Japan just most people wouldn’t buy them because they weren’t sexy or cool. Heck Bill Gates drives a Ford Focus, you don’t think he got rich blowing money on cars.

  10. NotoriousFluffyG says: May 21, 20097:41 am

    There is a local auto repair shop that has one of these parked across their sign. it is the tiniest thing ever-

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