Vest-Pocket Ash Tray (Feb, 1950)

Vest-Pocket Ash Tray

What can you do with cigarette ashes when there’s no ash tray around? Dr. John H. Findlay, Westinghouse engineer, often was looking for a place to deposit ashes so his colleagues came up with an answer—a vest-pocket ash tray. They made it from part of an electronic tube and fastened on a clip that holds it to the user’s pocket.

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  2. Pete says: June 10, 20081:17 pm

    uhhhh, I have the full blown pocket version of this (slightly larger but not by much). You pop the lid open & the holder springs out for you to rest the cig on. It comes in handy when you’re at someones house & don’t wish to get butts everywhere.

  3. richard says: May 5, 20092:53 pm

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  4. Firebrand38 says: May 5, 20095:01 pm

    Yeah, I realize how difficult it is grasping that whole “1950” concept.

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