Vest-Pocket Respirator Guards Workers’ Lungs (Dec, 1940)

Vest-Pocket Respirator Guards Workers’ Lungs

Small enough to be carried in a vest pocket, a one-ounce respirator protects industrial workers against dust with new convenience. The unbreakable, soft rubber device covers the nose alone, so that a wearer can talk, eat, smoke, and don glasses or goggles. While the user breathes naturally through his nose, an ingenious valve exhausts stale air and allows only filtered air to enter. Although the replaceable filter folds to wafer size, its effective area of nine square inches assures easy inhalation. Elastic ear loops hold the respirator.

  1. Pete says: February 13, 20084:39 pm

    What if the guy happens to be a mouth-breather?

  2. What Were They Thinking?! | PurpleSlinky says: July 10, 200911:12 am

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