Veteran Dares Atlantic In Barrel Boat (Oct, 1936)

I wonder if he ever built that thing.

Veteran Dares Atlantic In Barrel Boat

A SEA-GOING barrel—it sounds fantastic, but not to Ernest Biegazski, Buffalo, N. Y., war veteran, who plans to use just such a vessel to cross the Atlantic. The daring trip, according to his calculations, will not take more than 40 days. The oak barrel, which will comprise the hull of the vessel, will be nine feet long with a diameter of six feet, eight inches. A 600-pound keel will furnish the ballast. A hollow mast, 20 feet high, will carry the sail, a simple rig of approximately 300 square feet. A glass-enclosed hatch which will provide exit to the narrow deck. During stormy weather he will reef his sail, seal the hatch, and bob about safe as a cork.

Though the crossing is expected to take 40 days, Biegazski is taking food for sixty.

  1. Stannous says: September 8, 20079:40 am

    I doubt it, no records of it anyway.

    Talk about re-inventing the wheel!

  2. Blurgle says: September 8, 20076:30 pm

    Oak barrel? Buffalo, NY?

    Anyone wonder if he was really trying to brave Niagara Falls, and the sixty days worth of food, etc. was just a smokescreen?

  3. Jilly says: September 9, 200712:44 pm

    NYT September 27, 1936 says he tested it in Lake Erie.

    Newspapers from Oct of that year report he was rescued by the Coast Guard after it leaked. The byline was from Buffalo.

    You can do a Google News Archive search & see.

  4. mrchurchill109 says: September 10, 20074:39 am

    ” During stormy weather he will reef his sail, seal the hatch, and bob about safe as a cork.”

    Yah – barfing his guts out for days at a time…that thing would have set off the most seasoned sailor.


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