Vignetter Blocks Out Irregular Background (Dec, 1936)

Whenever I post photography articles I’m always amazed at how much harder it was to accomplish even the simplest of tasks before Photoshop and digital photography.

Vignetter Blocks Out Irregular Background
Blocking out the background of photographs in any shape—oval, round, or irregular—is made simple with a vignetter now available. Made of black fiber, it has twenty-nine movable wings which can be manipulated into almost any position desired. In printing portraits as well as other photographs it is thus unnecessary to cut a special vignette to fit the shape of a particular picture. The movable wings are merely maneuvered to the proper outline and the vignette laid in position under the enlarger or printer.

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  1. Jamie says: August 14, 200710:47 am

    When you already know how to use a darkroom, tricks like the vignetter shown here are easy. I owned and used a PC for about 8 years before I re-learned all of my darkroom tricks in photoshop. I still miss the smell of hypo…

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