Violin with Horn for Sounding Box Directs Tone toward Audience (Oct, 1924)

Violin with Horn for Sounding Box Directs Tone toward Audience

Built on the same principle as a violin and played in the same manner, a musical instrument with a metal horn instead of the usual sounding-box has been patented. Each string is provided with a separate bridge and metal diaphragms to amplify the tone. The sound can be focused directly upon those wishing to hear by pointing the mouth of the horn toward them; greater volume is secured, and the tone, while essentially that of a violin, has something of the quality of a cornet’s.

  1. Alejandro says: August 11, 200711:07 am

    I can’t remember right now the neame of the German who invented it around 1890, but eventually RCA Victor relaunched it and it become Maestro Julio De Caro’s trademark (mostly because of his Victor recording contract). It appers it sounded too scratchy for serious music, but for “El Monito” or “Guardia Vieja” it was OK.

  2. Alejandro says: August 11, 200711:12 am

    Just for the records, I’ve a mp3 clip from a 1925 De Caro’s recording (32kbps, mono, size about 700). Is there any way to upload it?

  3. Charlie says: August 11, 200711:30 am

    There is no way for you to upload it here, though there are other free sites you could upload it to. Off the top of my head, I think would work for you.

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