Walk on Air With New Boots (Sep, 1934)

All of us, tricked by the Reebok conspiracy.

Walk on Air With New Boots

A RUBBER boot which at lastenables man to walk on air has recently been perfected by an English inventor.

Rubber bladders have been built into the boot both at the heel and the sole, with a rubber tube leading from the air bladders to the top of the boot. An ordinary tire pump can be attached to the rubber tube for filling the boots with air.

Sponsors claim that those wearing the new boots get a delightful sensation of walking on air. In addition, the air cushion is more comfortable, preventing blisters.

  1. MadScott says: July 15, 20068:52 am

    The birth of Doc Martens!

  2. bass says: August 20, 20075:21 am

    Reebok Pumps

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