Walkie-Talkies Speed the ‘Burgers (Dec, 1952)

Walkie-Talkies Speed the ‘Burgers

ORDERS taken by employe’s of a Milwaukee drive-in snack shop are flashed to the kitchen over the walkie-talkie (below). Filled promptly (right), orders are then delivered by other employes. Because the order girl goes directly from one car to another she saves five to 10 miles of walking a day, and orders are taken promptly. Delivery time to the customer is about 4-1/2 minutes. Equipment carried by the order taker weighs about 8 lbs. and the batteries are good for about 8 hours. The Federal Communications Commission has assigned Ace Foods, the shop, station number KA-8931.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: January 20, 200811:13 am

    This is one idea that’s around in some form today.

    I recall being at a restaurant or bar where the server placed the order via a handheld wireless system.

    And the Apple store retail folks handle checkout with handheld devices.

  2. wildbass says: January 20, 20084:35 pm

    what u mean like drive thru?

  3. David Moisan says: January 20, 20087:37 pm

    KA-8931 sounds like a citizens band allocation. There was a brief time in the 50’s and 60’s when CB was used by business, before the truckers took it over. At that time it wasn’t discovered by the masses yet.

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