Wallpaper For Picture Backgrounds (Feb, 1949)

Nothing interesting, I just thought the picture was great.

Wallpaper For Picture Backgrounds

WALLPAPER is inexpensive, colorful, and picturesque—in short, it is ideal as a background for portraits, still life and table-top set-ups. It is best used when mounted on rolls. Use cardboard tubing of fairly large diameter, not less than 2 in. across. Short tubes can be lengthened by splicing two sections together over a length of narrower tubing.

Before cutting the roll of wallpaper into lengths, make sure that the patterns will match. To do this, first cut a strip to the desired length and lay it out on the floor or table. Then unroll the next strip alongside the first and shift it up or down until the pattern matches.

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  1. Clint says: September 24, 200711:38 am

    I guess pecs weren’t invented until 1950.

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