Want a Big-Pay Broadcasting Job? (Jul, 1933)

Want a Big-Pay Broadcasting Job?

If you have talent here’s your chance to get into Broadcasting. New Floyd Gibbons method trains you for the job you want. You learn at home in spare time. Fascinating course fully explained in Free Booklet, “How to Find Your Place in Broadcasting.” Send for your copy today. Give age.

FLOYD GIBBONS SCHOOL OF BROADCASTING 2000 14th St. N. W., Dept. 3G42, Washington, D. C.

  1. jayessell says: August 26, 20107:39 am

    ….and remember…. some aerials are realy pointy.

  2. Scott Smith says: August 26, 20107:45 am

    AN eye-patch and a job in broadcasting. Floyd Gibbons, is there anything you can’t do?

  3. Larry says: August 26, 20109:49 am

    Floyd Gibbons sure has a face for radio.

  4. Kosher Ham says: August 26, 201011:33 am

    This was before TV, so the eyepatch probably did not matter…..

  5. Toronto says: August 26, 201012:50 pm

    This was before 3DTV, so the eyepatch probably did not matter.

  6. Firebrand38 says: August 26, 20101:07 pm

    Toronto: I’m sure that it mattered to him.

  7. Casandro says: August 26, 201011:55 pm

    Maybe he was a pirate broadcaster? 🙂

  8. Mike says: August 28, 201011:28 am

    “Give age”, if your under 16 Floyd might want to visit you personally!

  9. Mike says: August 28, 201011:30 am

    He lost his eye in the war: http://en.wikipedia.org…

  10. Arglebarglefarglegleep says: September 1, 20102:07 pm

    I wonder if he was teaching the technical end of broadcasting or the performing end? With broadcasting being relatively new, were there colleges offering broadcasting courses like they do now?

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