Wanted: Future Faradays and Curies (Jul, 1942)

This is a remarkably unsexist ad for 1942.

Wanted: Future Faradays and Curies

ALL over America there are high school seniors …. boys and girls . . . who have potential scientific ability and budding creative genius of a high order. These talents are latent . . . awaiting the opportunity for further development through higher education.

To provide this opportunity, Science Clubs of America, sponsored by Science Service, is now conducting an Annual Science Talent Search . . . made financially possible by Westinghouse. This Talent Search has three objectives:

1.To discover and foster the education of boys and girls of exceptional scientific skill and ability.
2. To focus the attention of large numbers of gifted youth on the need for perfecting their creative and research skill.
3.To help make the American public aware of the role of science in war and in the post-war reconstruction.

High school seniors, who enter the Science Talent Search competition, must take special examinations in their local schools to determine their aptitude for science, and must submit essays and school records.

Each year, forty winning contestants are to be given all-expense trips to Washington, D. C. While at the Nation’s Capital, these embryo scientists will take part in scientific programs and will be given additional tests.

Judges will then select the two most talented youngsters … a boy and a girl . . . who will be awarded Westinghouse Grand Science Scholarships of $2400 each. Additional Westinghouse Science Scholarships . . . each valued at $200 . . . will be given to eighteen contestants.

By aiding the education of these gifted boys and girls today, we hope to help develop the scientists of tomorrow who will lead the way in the advancement of research and engineering.


  1. Caya says: May 5, 20078:56 am

    I agree, that was a good one. Good job, Westinghouse.

  2. Jeffery Wright says: October 22, 200712:27 pm

    i like the way the line runs up the back of the stockings. i’ve always liked those high heels, too…

    -d.l. roth

    it looks like they can’t wait to turn that virgin country into a thriving mecca of science, technology and industry… ah, the future!

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